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Frequently asked questions

How does the raffle work?

- Simple! Click the "Current Item" link under the "Raffle" header and add a ticket to your cart. After you submit payment you will receive a confirmation e-mail that the transaction was successfully completed. Then, after all tickets have sold, another e-mail will be sent with information about when the drawing will take place and how you can watch it.

What keeps someone else from buying the same ticket number as me?

- Each number has an inventory of only one. So, once you complete your order that number is no longer available.

Who determines where the donation goes?

- Ultimately, we will determine who to donate to. However, each raffle winner will get to make suggestions and if they meet our criteria we will gladly use them for the next raffle.

Why isn't all the ticket money donated?

While we would love to be able to donate the entire amount that is not possible - we must first subtract the retail cost of the item to fulfill certain contract requirements.We will donate the max amount we can.

These auctions are not structured to increase our profits, they are to bring an exciting spin to donations while hopefully winning new gear.

Will you ship the item to me?

- YES! However, shipping is not included with the ticket price. Our goal is to donate as much as possible and shipping would reduce that amount. If shipping is needed, please contact us after the drawing to discuss shipping options.

What happens if not all of the tickets sell?

In the event that not all tickets sell we have two options: 1. Proceed with the raffle and adjust the donation amount accordingly. This option is only viable if 70% of tickets are sold. 2. Return all funds received from the sale of raffle tickets. This will occur if fewer than 50% of all tickets are sold by a predetermind date.

How do we know you aren't rigging the raffle? What about confirmation proceeds are donated?

Great questions! To ensure transparency in the process we will livestream and record the drawing. To further guarantee the drawing is unbiased, we will utilize a list randomizer found on Random.org. Through this process we hope to avoid any confusion or complaints. While we hope no one in this community would lie about donating, we understand there can be skepticism. After we contact the receiving organization, we will provide proof with a receipt or similar document - these donations will occur once a quarter.

Why only "x" number of tickets?

We want the raffles to be short and exciting - limiting the number of tickets increases your odds of winning! The number of tickets is determined based on the item cost and the amount to be donated. Our intent is to keep ticket prices similar to that of a typical dinner at your favorite restaurant to allow everyone an opportunity to join in the fun.

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