As paddlers in the Midwest, we quickly found out there were a limited number of specialty paddle stores - which resulted in a number of gear purchases based solely on internet reviews, that ended up not working out.

Understanding the appeal of holding an item before making a purchase, we try to stock popular brands that are currently underrepresented in the area. We pride ourselves in only dealing with companies we personally stand behind.

There is never any pressure to purchase from us! Our goal is, and always will be, to allow paddlers to see products before making the purchase.

Do not hesitate to inquire about an item if you do not see it listed, we are always expanding and reaching out to other vendors to provide you with the best options.

Our current selection of Gearlab paddles, Gurney Gear seats, Mocke PFDs, and Think Kayaks has been proven on the international scene and we're happy to bring the products to the Midwest.

We attend many regional events and are regularly traveling to let paddlers see and test items.

Nathan Martin

An avid recreational paddler growing up, my first race was the MR340 in 2016...which didn't go quite as planned. Minimal training and a lack of appreciation for how long 340 miles really is, my race ended early. From there I realized that over the course of ultra endurance events we need to do anything possible to improve comfort and efficiency. I purchased a (couple) new paddles, seats, and boats to prepare for future races. That process proved to be more of a task than I expected, with months between purchase inquiries and a response - the idea to provide timely and friendly service emerged.

With a passion for paddling, my goal is to grow the sport by providing easier access to top paddling brands.

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